Most advanced players argue that position is one of the most crucial factors in Poker. They even consider that more pressing than the cards you hold. The closer you sit to the right of the small blind, the better your position is. Most beginners wonder how much it affects profitability. A player in late position earns twice as much per hand as the one in the middle position. A good seat at the Poker table offers a sort of perk or benefit. You should be familiar with the positions if you want to increase your profits.

Profit and position

There is a strong correlation between position and the expected value in dollars. While the blinds are losing money, the profit per hand increases when a player is near the dealer button.

Early, middle, and late position

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The small blind, big blind, and UTG or under the gun, are loss-making positions. The two late positions are by far more profitable than the other seats at the Poker table. You can have twice the profit when you are in the cut off and dealer button instead of the middle positions. They are also seven times more productive than UTG+1 and UTG+2.

The difference

You have more information when you act later in hand. It is beneficial in many ways. If all the players before you folded, you could steal the blinds with more ease. You can also gauge the strength of your opponent’s hand better. That gives you the chance to fold semi-strong hands against a raise of a very tight player. Bluffing is also more relaxed when you are in a late position. A hefty raise can drive limpers out, and you can even steal the pot. You can play more starting hands in late position, and you will have a higher profit per hand.

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