Some people play poker just for fun. They stake a little money. Their aim is mainly to make a little money but mostly it is about having fun. For other people, poke is a business. It is a high stakes game that is of great benefit if they come out winners. To them, losing is not an option. They play hard and work hard at it. If playing poker is a business for you, you need to join for your poker online pulsa.

Importance of high stakes poker

Playing poker is a great way to increase your income. You however need to know how to do it. Playing poker as a business requires you to know the tricks to use and that includes using rakeback. This is especially important for long term plans for a poker player.

Many players are not aware of rakeback and have no idea what it can do for them. When you include rakeback in your poker games, you get back a percentage of rake you have paid. For example, if you have a 30% rake back deal with your poker agent, you get this percentage in your poker account.

Rake refers to the payment players make to the poker room. Compare rake to your payment for internet services. This is simply a pay you make to be able to play poker. Rakeback is simply the percentage return of your rake. For example, let us look at two players.

  • Player A has no rakeback. Both players have $1000 in their account. After a week of playing poker, each makes $250. Player A pays $80 rake. At the end of the week, this player has $1250
  • Player B has rakeback of 50%. He makes $250 a week just like Player A. The only difference is he gets 50% rakeback. At the end of the week he has $1290

In the above scenario, player B makes $40 more than player A weekly. His annual rakeback will add up to $1290 if he maintains a win of $250 a week. This is $1290 more than player A earns a year if he also maintains a weekly win of $250.

This clearly shows that arranging a rakeback deal turns your game of poker into so much more. It is a long term business plan that every poker player needs to think about. This is extra money that is easy to make if you choose to. Rakeback also gives you the chance to take part in promotions.

Visit and find out how you can get started in your business with poker online pulsa today. Turn poker to a fun and profitable business for you