Domino QQ is a favorite game in Indonesia which has been in existence for centuries.  The Brick and Mortar version was famous forthe previous generation,but the online one is a hot cake for all ages. Apart from providing great entertainment it also gives scope for earning good money. Just like any other game, you need to be little cautious in the beginning,and once you start to get a glimpse of the small secrets of winning, you can master the game.

Get the basics right:

Though Domino looks little frustrating initially, getting the basic techniques correct will make you proficient gradually. Simple card drops and pickups, right permutation of cards and to recognize a favorable and dangerous card are some basics that you should not go right.  If you have two cards totalingnine at the start of the game, it is better you continue playing because your chances of getting 9 are possible by 50%. On the other hand, consider the cards to be doubtful if the card is nearer to 9.

Have a full focus on the game:

It is a known fact that concentration is very crucial for any game. In Domino too, where card permutations and combinations are so talented and where tiny missing details like dropping a card wrongly can change your fate, it becomes more critical. Take complete concentration in small details and understand various card combos well.

Domino QQ

Learn how to calculate opportunities:

If you learn how to take achance out of the next card, it will be one of the ways of winning the game. To consider an example, number 6 on the map has possible chances of 4:28. This happens when you don’t think your opponent’s card,and you are not holding the number 6. Similarly, 1,3 and 9 have a chance of 2:28. With this, it is evident that the remaining numbers have a 3:28 possibility.

Go for the next table:

The tables that you choose have to be according to your budget. When you start the game, start with a lower table since this assures that you don’t lose much money even if you lose the game.  If you invest the entire cash on a bigger meal in the first game, your loss is relatively higher.

Wait till you get your time:

No matter how much ever you try, you may get the number 9. Though standard strategies usually work there might be times when these rules don’t necessarily work. So wait with patience and play with care till you get your next turn.

Luck is the driving force:

Just like any other poker game, Domino QQ also mostly depends on success. That does not mean game tactics don’t work.  However, you need to understand that chance may not favor you. So, wait or leave the table and play the next day again before you lose full money.

Card cover method:

This is a game tactic where you don’t let your opponent know that you have a big card by usually playing when you get a goodcard. Drop the card is it’s a bad one.

So this time when you play the game, try these simple tactics which will help you atleast to an extent in the game.