Getting to know what E-sports and e-sports betting

E-sports has become a popular betting venue in the recent years mainly due to the popularity of e-sports. While you may think that esports betting is similar to sports betting, the working works very differently. Let us learn about the similarities and differences of e-sports betting and sports betting, both of which are available on


There are many similarities between sports betting and e-sports betting. The procedure is exactly the same where a better selects sports and bets on it.

The return pattern is also same. If there are winnings, the bet amount is paid out in a similar fashion to sports betting. So the mechanics of betting is the same in both sports and e-sports betting



In e-sports, you are betting on competitors in an online game while in sports you are betting on humans actually playing a sport.

There is a difference in odds calculation methods as well and sports betting specialist will not be able to advise on e-sports events.

There is also another type of betting peculiar to e-sports and that is skin betting, which can not be undertaken in sports betting.

What is skin gambling

Skins are rewards given in certain games. On e-sports betting websites, like at, a viewer can bet the skins he has gained in the game instead of money. Skins are also used to play other games like Roulette and simple betting forms.


It is necessary to exercise precaution while gambling on sports or e-sports. Gambling itself just wastes money and if you end up being caught in a scam, you can lose more than you ever gambled for. Scam websites can use bugs to track your account information as well. Dangers like these are not uncommon so it is important to practice vigilance.

Check up on the websites you are browsing before making any sort of payment or bet to remain on the safe side.