Dotapoker: Your Simple Guide in Playing the Online Roulette

Playing online roulette is significantly as easy as ABC. The colors used in the universal wheel are black and red for both European and American roulette, with the exception of a single green pocket numbered with the zero which is present in the European roulette wheel. On the other hand, American roulette has both this green zero pocket, as well as a double zero pocket which is also green in color. The tips below focus on defining how to play American roulette; still, European online roulette is also played in more or less the same manner with very few differences in rules.

3 Ways to Play Online Roulette and Dotapoker.

  1. Place Your Bets on the Roulette Table.

The first thing you’ll need to do while playing online Dotapoker is to decide where you’d like to place your bet. The roulette table is marked with all the numbers and their corresponding colors on the roulette wheel. The wheel itself is made up of pockets which range from zero to double zero to thirty-six and one is free to place bets on single numbers, even or odd, red or black, the group of numbers, or even cover the entire table with bets. For a full definition on how to bet in roulette, experts urge you to have a look at their roulette online guides.


  1. Press “Spin” to Give the Dealer the Go Ahead.

Once you’ve managed to decide how to place your bets, all you need to do is then go ahead and press the “spin” button. As soon as you’re done with this, the virtual dealer will spin the hypnotic roulette wheel.

  1. Wait for the Result.

The next phase is to simply wait for the result. The winner will be paid out according to the paytable. By sticking to the table minimum and placing outside bets only, gambling on just red or just black for each spin, you’ll be increasing your chances of winning as this form of outside gamble pays one to one covers almost half of the possible combinations (depending on the wheel you’re playing on). Clearly, your chances of winning are greatly decreased if you pick to gamble on just one number, but you should you in fact land on that particular number then the rewards will be substantial.

The wonderful game of chance, Roulette, has been around for a long time which means that plenty of players have tried to crack the supposed roulette code. And from time to time, they do in fact come forward to say that they’ve actually won by using the “perfect” method to bet the house as its own name.